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Measures your complete progress which includes total distance covered, total hours, total calories burned and average pace and converts them to $BSTEP tokens using a special algorithm. The more you Run, The more you Earn

Connect with us: bullstepbsc@gmail.com

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One stop Fitness App Solution

You might think your smartphone is only for making calls, texting, or scrolling through social media. But this pocket-sized device is also an excellent tool for tracking, managing, and staying on top of your fitness goals.

Bullstep provides the support and motivation people need to reach their wellness goals and take control of their health — anytime, anywhere, any age, any fitness level

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Get Fit and Earn for every step you take

BullStep App has the capabilities of converting your each and every step to $BSTEP tokens and ultimately BNB. BullStep has been developed with the Move To Earn (M2E) Module which is efficient enough to convert the steps each user takes into BNB directly which means that the users will actually be earning BNBs by just walking and moving around.

BullStep has been integrated with the Run To Earn (R2E) Protocol along with the Move To Earn (M2E) feature with a Real Time Live GPS Tracking and Pedometer calculations

App with best in class user experience

BullStep App has been incorporated with an unmatched, best In Class User Interface. Designed for beginners and veteran runners alike, the app is an all-around run tracker for hardcore and casual runners. The app measures a variety of metrics such as your pace, distance run and mile splits; it also includes a variety of coaching plans that adapt to your fitness goals and progress.

Once you’re done with your run, you can share your details complete with stats and stickers, and compare your progress with other runners with a very pleasing scale able and easy to understand fluid ui

Body sensor & fitness devices support

BullStep will support a variety of running trackers in addition to Wear OS devices and Apple Watch. The app displays both your real-time stats and your end-of-run totals. Useful extras include support for a variety of fitness trackers and heart rate sensors from smart watches, other wear-able body sensors and fitness devices.

Start Your Fitness Journey

Be fit and start earning with easy BullSteps


  • Phase 1

      • BullStep App supporting the module of MoveToEarn(M2E) with the Highest BNB Generation Algorithm per step is developed.


      • BullStep App extends its functionalities by Rigorous Developments to the RunTo Earn(R2E) Module which is capable of calculating the distance run by someone and converting it into BNB.


      • BullStep Developers begin the iOS Migration and BullStep App takes birth on the iOS Platform, Ready to go Live.


      • BullStep App extends its functionalities to SweatToEarn(S2E) Module with the sophisticated Developments which is capable of converting the KCAL burnt by someone to BNB.


      • BullStep App Goes Live on Android and iOS Platforms with tremendous ongoing developments before the Launch.


  • Phase 2

      • BSTEP Launch with 5000 Holders


      • $20,000,000 Market Cap achievement


      • Fluid UI Enhanced with material design


      • BullStep App incorporates additional functionalities with enhanced BNB Reward generation


      • NFT Platform launch in our web platform


      • Booming Partnerships for Cross Platform / Multi chain Developments


      • Preparations for Cross chain bridging to $ETH & $MATIC networks
  • Phase 3

      • NFT Platform integration to mobile app for enhanced BNB Generation Tiers


      • Real World Patented Wearable Gadgets and Sneakers Launch


      • $100,000,000 Market Cap reached minting Hundreds of X’s to our initial stage holders. Benefit of our holders is our priority


      • Further Partnerships to enhance the overall Tech and BNB Conversion Modules


      • Developments going live rapidly


      • Bug Bounty
  • Phase 4

      • Constant Developments of MoveToEarn(M2E), RunToEarn(R2E), SweatToEarn(S2E) and other modules as a target enhancing the ultimate BNB generation algorithm to support higher BNB Reward Generation and a Next Gen UI


      • BullStep’s Marketplace for Sports good and the Wearable gadgets go live supporting the Native BSTEP tokens. Special Discount will be provided to those shopping using the BSTEP tokens. Users can buy anything they want using their BSTEP tokens generated as rewards in the Marketplace


      • BullStep Royalty program


      • Marketing Boost to a Corporate Level


      • BullStep registered as an LLC Company with Head Quarters situated in Vietnam


      • Global Expansion Targeted with intensified Partnerships

Our Skills

BullStep Team comprises highly skilled Developers who have charismatic reputation in not only in the Development Field but also in the Corporate World.

Our Development Team is proud to host 5 Industrially Competent UI/UX Developers for Android and iOS Platforms working for the beautification and streamlining user experience that defines amazing collaboration of functionalities of a lifestyle app with wealth generation capabilities


Behind The App

Dang Hai Giang
Dang Hai Giang

Dang Hai Giang

Marketing Manager

Smart brands don’t just ride the trend. They start them.
Raze Rodrik
Raze Rodrik

Raze Rodrik

Coding Team Lead

Before software can be reusable, it first has to be usable
Steve Walker
Steve Walker

Steve Walker

Design Team Lead

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future

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